System message

Is is a template or a theme?

In the Redmine community, we say Redmine theme. A Redmine template would be e.g. a project template.

How do updates work?

All plans receive updates while their subscription is active. Once it expires, you can still use the theme, but you won't get new updates.

Are bug fixes FREE?

Of course they are :-)

I paid, where do I get the theme?

It’s easy. You simply log into your account and you will see the available downloads. If you have any trouble, just contact us.

I can't use PayPal. Is there another way to pay?

Yes, there is. Just contact us and we will arrange the payment using wire transfer. An additional fee of € 5 is charged for wire.

Can I download the theme multiple times?

You can download the theme as many times as you want :-)

Why is the theme paid? All others are free...

You know the expression, “You get what you pay for?” Our team of developers is always working to enrich the functionality and keep the theme up to date with the latest version of Redmine.

I have more than one Redmine. Can I use the theme multiple times?

Absolutely, there’s no limit to the number of Redmine instances.

How do I contact you?

Using email, Facebook, or the chat in the bottom right corner. Even if we're not online, we'll get your message.

I’m not crazy about some features. Can you adjust them for me?

Sure thing. All customizations are 39 € / hour.

Will the theme work on an older version of Redmine?

Most likely. If not, contact us and we will provide you with the version that works or refund you.

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