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Abacus Redmine Theme: Truly a New Redmine Experience

Enhanced user interface

We created a clean user interface to make your work effective: added retina-friendly menu icons, "new issue" and "edit issue" buttons, simplified priorities, cleared issue tables and calendar, and much more.

Super easy installation

In just 1 minute, you can have the theme up and running. Just upload it on your server, choose it in the administration and save it. That's it! 1 minute and you can start being effective.

Fully mobile Redmine theme

This Redmine theme is now fully mobile, thus available on any device - desktop, tablet or mobile. We paid strong attention to mobile views so using our Redmine theme is flawless.

Compatible with: ios ios ios

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Redmine Theme News

  • 27. 11. 2018
    We made a few of small fixes and updated RedmineUp Agile. Enjoy the theme!
  • 28. 08. 2018
    We implemented a new membership platform which is extremely easy to use plus there is a new credit card via 2Checkout payment method. No downtimes, no errors. Moreover, we are running on HTTPS. We are happy. Are you too?
  • 25. 07. 2018
    Adjusted issue attachments, fixed watchers problem, added "Custom Workflow Plugin" icon and some basic styles + mobile polishes. We are hotter than ever - ready for summer. Redmine 3.4.6 compatible.
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