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Since 2014, we have been crafting a solid responsive theme with continuous development & support that is always up to date.

Redmine 4.1 compatible
Responsive Redmine Themes

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Enhanced User Interface

We created a clean user interface to make your work more effective. We added retina-friendly menu icons, "new issue" and "edit issue" buttons, simplified priorities, a cleared issue tables and calendar, and much more.

Super Easy Installation

In just 1 minute, you can have the theme up and running. Just upload it to your server, select the theme in the admin panel, and click ‘save’. That's it! 1 minute and you can revolutionize your Redmine experience.

Fully Mobile / Responsive Redmine Theme

Working on the go? Our Redmine theme, or Redmine template as some call it, is now fully mobile and accessible on any device. Whether desktop, tablet, or mobile, our Redmine theme looks flawless, so no matter where you are, you’ll always be on top of your projects.

Compatible with: iosiosios

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Latest News

  • 24. 03. 2020

    We realized we haven't updated the number of our customers for quite some time. We were simply focusing on the theme itself and making the website better. To our surprise, the bar is set high and we are attacking 2,000 customers of Abacusmine. Hooray! Thank you all.

  • 13. 03. 2020

    The Coronavirus pandemic is giving all of us a hard time so we decided to help small companies tackle their difficult situation and we are offering a 50% discount to all companies with up to 20 users. This applies to individuals as well. Moreover, you can read an article about how to use Redmine and manage people remotely.

  • 05. 03. 2020

    This update focuses on Redmine UP plugins: updated Redmine Dashboard, Redmine CRM (contacts, deals, invoices, expenses), Redmine Agile & a few minor bug fixes. Check out all the changes.

  • 07. 02. 2020

    In this "mandatory fix release" which happens after every major release, we changed the versioning scheme, fixed the missing overdue color and added new styles for Easy Gantt. Check out the changes.

  • 28. 01. 2020
    This is a major update where we reviewed every single Redmine URL and brought our theme to 2020: slightly adjusted colors & text field sizes to match the year 2020, fixed gantt chart nicely aligned issue list & filters and options, nicely aligned project list, nicely aligned issue detail, edit issue & new issue and a lot more other adjustments making this theme Redmine 4.1.0 compatible.
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