Latest News

  • 14. 04. 2020

    Redmine 4.1.1 update: added a max-width feature for large screens & branding option (both described in readme) and a few bug fixes. Check out all the changes.

  • 24. 03. 2020

    We realized we haven't updated the number of our customers for quite some time. We were simply focusing on the theme itself and making the website better. To our surprise, the bar is set high and we are attacking 2,000 customers of Abacusmine. Hooray! Thank you all.

  • 13. 03. 2020

    The Coronavirus pandemic is giving all of us a hard time so we decided to help small companies tackle their difficult situation and we are offering a 50% discount to all companies with up to 20 users. This applies to individuals as well. Moreover, you can read an article about how to use Redmine and manage people remotely.

  • 05. 03. 2020

    This update focuses on Redmine UP plugins: updated Redmine Dashboard, Redmine CRM (contacts, deals, invoices, expenses), Redmine Agile & a few minor bug fixes. Check out all the changes.

  • 07. 02. 2020

    In this "mandatory fix release" which happens after every major release, we changed the versioning scheme, fixed the missing overdue color and added new styles for Easy Gantt. Check out the changes.