We offer custom Redmine themes development. Here are a few noteworthy we already realized.

Bombardier, Inc.

Bombardier, Inc. is a Montréal, Canada based company excelling in aerospace and transportation industry. In 2015, we made a custom theme based on their website www.batraining.com

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Bioinformatics Research Lab (BRL), Baylor College of Medicine

Baylor College of Medicine is a Houston, TX (USA) health sciences university. It is a leader in basic and clinical research, education, and community service. In 2015, we worked with BRL at BCM to develop a custom theme for their Genboree Knowledge Base (GenboreeKB). See www.genboree.org for more information

project-issue-list project-list project-overview project-activity project-issue-detail project-wiki project-forum admin-workflow
Matthew Roth
Michael did a great job creating the new theme for our GenboreeKB. He was responsive to all of our requests and had very relevant recommendations as we progressed through the project. I enthusiastically recommend Michael for your theming projects.
Matthew Roth, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor at Baylor College of Medicine

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