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I implemented approximately 10 different Redmine themes and was not completely satisfied with some of the layouts. After I installed Michael's Redmine theme, I was very impressed with his work. My search for a Redmine theme is over.

Josh Yates, Owner, CodeHeight Solutions, LLC


Michael did a great job creating the new theme for our GenboreeKB. He was responsive to all of our requests and had very relevant recommendations as we progressed through the project. I enthusiastically recommend Michael for your theming projects.

Matthew Roth, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Baylor College of Medicine


Principal Engineering s.r.o is using Abacus Theme since July 2015. We are very satisfied both with support for plugins that we use and user friendliness, especially on mobile devices. Easy installation and customization of the theme gave our project system a modern appearance.

We appreciate the mobile device compatibility, as well as a consistent look used across the app, significantly increasing usability compared to the original version of Redmine. I was personally pleased by professional approach of the developer who is always willing to address our demands and responded positively to the discrepancies found. Updates are issued regularly and always bring something new, both visually and in terms of support for other plugins and minor functional enhancements based on JavaScript.

Martin May
Sales director, Principal Engineering


ISAE-SUPAERO uses Redmine intensively. Multiple instances of this open source software cover various activities such as project management, software development, IT management or even internal helpdesk. Recently, the institute has decided to migrate (where possible) its web applications to responsive design in in order to facilitate the use of mobile while mastering the budget.

In this context, ABACUS theme perfectly meets the needs to provide Redmine with an interface adapted to different devices, intuitive and user friendly. The product is at a professional level and the company provided a highly responsive technical support.

L. Dairaine
Responsable des Systèmes d'Information, ISAE-SUPAERO


At Calibrate we’ve been using Redmine for 7 years now. It is our main communication & collaboration platform between all of our clients and the Calibrate team, for projects & support (542 active users, 277 active projects, +26500 issues and counting).

Therefore the need for a decent responsive theme became a must but there weren’t to be found a lot of good ones. When purchasing the Abacus theme and testing it on a staging environment, we’ve noticed some shortcomings with modules/features we use all the time (e.g. Repository commit messages automatically linked to issues). Communication regarding these issues with Michael was fast and efficient. Changes were made quick and we are now happily using the theme in production for about a month now. Response of our clients and employees are positive all the way.

Ellebaut Stefaan, Calibrate NV


"We at Vidanet (a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom) are very happy to use The Abacus Office Redmine theme design. Redmine is an integral part of our daily lives and before using the Abacus theme, we used to have a lot of problems with mobile devices. These problems are gone now, the theme works perfectly on every portable device, it is aesthetic and easy to use. We are glad to recommend it."

Horváth Csaba
marketing manager, Vidanet Zrt.


We are more than happy with the theme. We use Redmine to support clients and projects and, while Redmine is powerful and flexible, the outdated design and lack of support for mobile devices just wasn’t consistent with what we do at Atomize Software, and didn’t transmit the right image to customers. Abacus Themes solved all these issues at an unbeatable price.

Pedro Carvalho, Atomize Software


After installing Redmine, the limitations of the default theme became quite clear, no mobile support being the biggest problem for us. Thankfully abacusthemes’ Redmine theme solved these problems and we are having a great user experience so far. Installation is super easy and AbacusThemes provides a fantastic support in case there’s something wrong.

Marcel Müller, Bäcker Müller GmbH


The Abacus Office Redmine theme design is elegant and „easy to understand” at the same time. The mobile views are very useful, it is possible to edit tickets and use the system via phone or tablet. Thank you again Abacus Themes for the updates and plugins - the customer service part is brilliant. The focus is on a satisfied customer instead of the profit.

Gabor Balázs, Union V.I.G. Biztosító Zrt.


Since years we switched from Mantis to Redmine for our bug-/feature-tracking-system but today it´s much more. Our complete mail-ticketing-system, development projects, documentation is done with Redmine and we are happy. Last but not least with the Abacus-Redmine Theme.

Roland Meier, Medialekt

We are running several Redmine instances to support projects and clients all over the world. The challenge is to bring employees, customers, project partners and subcontractors within different time zones to collaborate and work with each other. Naturally this leads to different devices used to access our Redmine instances.

Dedicated Redmine apps for mobile devices trapped us in dependencies. Abacus Themes solved this problem for us in a solid and professional way.

Tobias Arndt
Senior Software Engineer, Fichtner IT Consulting AG