Latest News

  • 27. 09. 2023

    New & Re-freshed theme is coming. Currently, we are working on rewriting the theme to pay down the technical debt of an almost 10-year old theme. The theme will be completely re-written in scss and the looks will be slightly upgraded. Nothing to crazy --> we know you like our theme :-) We want to be ready for the upcoming 10-year anniversary in 2024.

  • 21. 06. 2023

    We released a few minor bug fixes and updates to RedmineX plugins. Currently working on the biggest update yet: rewriting the theme in scss and contemporary styles. The theme will be basically brand new after summer holidays of 2023. Stay tuned!

  • 02. 06. 2022

    We are excited to announce that we are fully compatible with Redmine 5.x as well as 4.2x. Moreover, we are fully compatible with all RedmineX plugins. Check out all the changes.

  • 11. 01. 2022

    We are now Redmine 4.2.3 compatible. Along with some bug fixes come new styles for RedmineX Agile My Page & RedmineX Project Templates. Fully compatible with Redmine 4.2.3. Check out all the changes.

  • 29. 03. 2021

    The long awaited Redmine 4.2.0 update is here and we were born ready. Added a few bug fixes, updated Font Awesome icons, added new styles for the RedmineX Gantt Chart. Fuly compatible with Redmine 4.2.0. Check out all the changes.